365 Canadian Sights: Hiatus Update

For anyone who visited this previously, you’ll notice the old posts are disappearing. For anyone visiting for the first time…well, there used to be more content here.

Ideally, I’ll be starting over in the new year, and I want to do it properly, so that means one post (sight) a day and that includes the few that made it online already. I’ll be taking down the old pieces and updating them and reformatting them for the next (full) edition of 365 Canadian Sights.

That means no posts now, but I’m using the next couple of months to better prepare (the first time it was on a bit of a whim, since I wasn’t a working journalist at the time). I have a spreadsheet all filled up and am working to make a real go of it this time, and I have future ideas, too, if this goes well.

So, thanks for those who’ve stopped by in the meantime, and be sure to follow on twitter or facebook so you see the full batch as they come out in 2019.

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