365 Canadian Sights | Day 44: Waterfalls Week – Hunlen Falls

| Image from Flickr/Murray Foubister via CC BY SA 2.0 |

If you’re watching to where this week’s sights show up, you’ll notice that the waterfall game is dominated by two provinces: Ontario and B.C. The north has some spectacular ones as well, but they aren’t explored as well (more on that later). However, B.C. and Ontario put up great examples, including the epic Hunlen Falls. 

Tucked away in the gigantic Tweedsmuir provincial park, as much as it can be, is this beauty. Hunlen Falls is the highest free-falling falls in Canada, toppling over a cliff just past Turner Lake (in every elevated pic it looks to me like Turner Lake is just about to breach some barrier and tumble over the cliff, down the estimated 260 m drop.

It goes to show how hidden some of Canada’s best sights can be. This would be a huge tourist sight, I would think, in lots of other countries. Here, however, difficulty in getting to the sight mixed with the sheer number of epic natural views in B.C. drops this one off most people’s radar.

To be honest, I’m not sure of the best ground approach to shoot this. It seems all the best pics are elevated (as in, from a place or chopper), but there are some spectacular closer shots on Instagram (see below).

If you can hire a floatplane, Turner Lake is a safe landing spot. I shy away from that option because I have no money, so if I’m thinking of doing it, the walk-ier option is going to be the choice, which is a 16 km hike in from Highway 20. Apparently, it’s an 800 m rise as well, so you’ll want to be in shape.

I have no idea. Long road trip, a couple nights camping to see the area? It would depend on your standards and gear you already have. For the hardier travellers with gear already, this might not be a so hard, just a bit of a drive from Vancouver. For inexperienced people with no gear? Get some experience first, then we can talk.

Hunlen isn’t a well known spot, so it doesn’t really show up on many lists, though it wouldn’t surprise me if it gets more famous over the coming years. Tweedsmuir park is ranked by TripAdvisor, but not by many. For more info on the falls, I suggest this article as a good starting point.

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