365 Canadian Sights | Day 77: Tickle Cove Sea Arch

| Image from Flickr/monica.orchard via CC BY NC ND 2.0 |

Originally I actually considered a couple different sea arches on the east coast, but while I seem to find them fascinating, the Creative Commons community don’t seem to agree so much.

Ahh well. You should still go check out this natural formation. While arches aren’t unheard of, they’re a fairly rare formation and provide an interesting visual. I’ll be pulling a few others up over the rest of the year.

This one is nearly generic looking if such a thing can be said of a rare geological oddity. However, what I like best about it is the red stone, which provides a nice contrast to the blue ocean when you get the right light.

| Image from Flickr/John W via CC BY NC 2.0 |

It’s not close to a lot of large towns, but with Newfoundland’s history, there should be a few names you recognize.

St. John’s is a well over 3 hours away, while Gander will likely take a 2.5 hour drive (those are the closest major-ish airports. Bonavista is nearby, but it’s less than 3,500. Tickle Cove itself is only just over 100.

Once you’re in Tickle Cove there are signs to the arch, which is near the famed Tickle Cove Pond (a small lake).

Since it’s a ways away from most cities, it’s probably best to look up accomodation for this trip. It’s a nice trip, but probably more than a day trip from most common trip hubs.

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure why arches and natural bridges arent a more popular sight. I guess they are, if they’re easy to get to, but as soon as they’re off the beaten path, they become a much lower priority. Anyways, there’s not actually a lot of information about the arch, but ther’s a profile here and a profile on the village and its arch here.

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