365 Canadian Sights | Day 126: Public Art Week – Ha! Ha! Pyramid

| Image from Wikimedia/Adqproductions via CC BY SA 3.0 |

Public art is not always fine art, and in this first example of some of the most interesting and odd art out there, we prove it right away.

What can you do with 3,000 yield signs?


Even though this fits firmly in the ‘odd sight’ category, it’s origins aren’t as odd as you might expect.

Back in 1996, the Saguenay region was hit by massive flooding. When everything was over 10 deaths were attributed to the high and fast moving water, and $1 billion worth of damage was recorded in total.

As the river poses a barrier at times, in a variety of ways, local artists created this piece of work, not far from the river. Yield signs seemed like a fitting material to use.

The pyramid is a few things: A tourist attraction, a form of community bonding to help move past a tragedy, a source of levity. To those visiting to get a photo, I guess it’s achieved at least one of those goals.

It’s a two-and-a-half hour drive from Quebec City, which puts it in the range of a day trip, but with so many things to do in the Saguenay area (the pyramid is in the region, and a half hour from the city) I’d say it should be part of a more serious trip to this area. In either case, it’s another trip in a car (or maybe bike?).

TripAdvisor isn’t overly impressed with this piece of art, and to be honest, aside from it’s visual presence, there isn’t a whole lot more to it. Photographers looking for something odd to take a pic of will enjoy this, but it’s not a long stop.  As a lover of the odd though, this place definetly makes it into the Atlas Obscura.

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The Ha! Ha! Pyramid is a contemporary art monument commemorating the Saguenay flood of 1996. Located in the district of La Baie in Saguenay. The pyramid was named after the nearby Ha! Ha! River. Conceived as a form of therapy to help residents recover from the traumatic events of the flood, it is covered in 3,000 yield signs, based on the similarity of the French words for "to yield" and "to help each other" . . . . #labaie #pyramide #haha #art #modern #QCAccent #quebec #canada #saguenay #winter #snow #travelrepost #travelawesome #theworlshotz #backpackerstory #bluesky #weekend #city #walk #sun #architecture #travel #traveler #travelphotography #picoftheday #travelling #travel #postcardsfromtheworld #instatravel #travelgram #holidays

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