365 Canadian Sights | Day 193: Rawson Lake

| Image from Flickr/junaidrao via CC BY NC ND 2.0 |

Just because it’s not one of the most famous spots in the Rockies, doesn’t mean it’s not a spectacular sight.

The enormously over-saturated border region between Alberta and B.C. has just…a ton of lesser-known spots. Not to say Rawson Lake is unknown, it’s just lesser-known.

Tucked up above the Kananaskis Lakes, this little glacier-fed lake is maybe a little cliche for the region, but with the absolutely massive mountain at one end of the lake it creates an epic view. It’s the more traditional view I think people think of when they come to Canada.

The mountain is Mt. Sarrail, a 10,000+ ft. peak with a slope that leads directly into the lake, creating the appearance of a massive amphitheatre.

On top of the beautiful views from the lakeshore, hiking up Sarrail is possible, and shots from the ridge reveal the layers in the mountain, which is pretty dramatic in the right light.

There is some hiking for this one, but it’s more moderate than a lot of others. TravelAlberta estimates it at 6 hours, so camping in the region might be a good idea. The trail takes off from the Upper Kananaskis day-use area (which you’ll need a car to get to, this is a fair ways into the Rockies from any main routes).

Only ranked 19 on things to do in Kananaskis area (on TripAdvisor), there’s a couple reasons for that. One is there are some better sights in the area, it’s one of the most spectacular regions in Canada. The other is ease of access. Even though this isn’t incredibly hard, it’s not as easy as some, which will rank higher. For some information about the trails, check out this link from AllTrails. The Alberta Parks website is here.

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