365 Canadian Sights | Day 194: The Great Sandhills

Sand and Sky
| Image from Flickr/Alan Levine via Public Domain |

While this may sound like a grand sight, it’s actually more a visually appealing geologic oddity.

In the middle of the great plains are huge hills of sand. While that might not make a lot of sense at first, the area is also full of little lakes, and much of the geology in central Canada has changed over the years, with huge lakes and rivers draining and rerouting over millions of years.

That said, the hills/dunes aren’t really beachy, they’re quite tall, at least for Saskatchewan. Their gradual ascent out of the grasslands is an odd transition to capture, one that looks a bit surreal.

There are two bonuses for photographers/travellers heading to the hills. One is an oddity, the hanging cowboy boots. Not how that started, maybe tell me if you know?

The other is the height gained over the grasslands can give you some nice landscape shots of the 1,900 km2 park.

Another road trip, this one is in the middle of the great plains. The closest community of note is Leader, to the northwest of the park and hills, less than an hour away from the main tourist area of the park. Leader, in turn, is  3 hours southwest of Saskatoon, or just under 2 from Medicine Hat (one of the larger Albertan towns).

TripAdvisor suggests it’s the top/only thing to do in Sceptre, Sakatchwan, a tiny community just north of the park, and that’s fair. Just kinda wish there was more to compare it agains. The museum’s website is here, while the Tourism Saskatchewan site for this sight is here.

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