365 Canadian Sights | Day 221: The Arches

| Image from Flickr/mrbanjo1138 via CC BY NC ND 2.0 |

Not one, not two, but three arches make up this formation, within one of the most unique natural arches in Canada.

Newfoundland’s shore is covered in interesting natural wonders, and this is one of the all-stars. Probably one of the more famous natural arches in Canada, it scooped up the name ‘the Arches’.

Low slung, it might not have the height of others, with plenty of parts to bop your head against, but the triple arch, standing alone, with sections of stone hanging over pillars make this a super recognizable spot. Actually, I think there’s a fourth, tiny arch, on one end. I think it’s going for some sort of record.

The namesake of Arches Provincial Park, it’s part of the same natural area as Gros Morne National Park, essentially. While I’m not attaching it to Gros Morne, it gives you an idea of what you can see in the area.

Out on the rock isn’t the easiest place to get to, but if you’re there and exploring by car, the Arches should be near the top of the list. Located just a bit north of the world-class Gros Morne National Park (half-hour drive), it’d be a shame to not do both on the same trip (though it’s more than a day trip, or even a weekender, since it’s 8 hours from St. John’s).

The top thing to do in the region according to TripAdvisor (it’s just outside the Gros Morne area), the Arches Provincial Park is highly rated by those who make it out there. For more about the Arches themselves, check out the world arch group, here. For more about the park, check out the official site, here.

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