365 Canadian Sights | Day 226: Lakes Week – Morraine Lake

Sunshine on Morraine Lake
| Image from Flickr/Nicola Horscroft via CC BY NC ND 2.0 |

I mean, if we’re going to do lakes in Canada, we gotta talk about the most famous ones…

Outside of the great lakes, I always thought of Lake Morraine as the most famous.

Sure Lake Louise is maybe said and seen more often, but there’s a whole town there. Morraine is just the lake. And a lodge. And a hiking trail, and canoe rentals.

Ok, so it’s been built up a little, but look at it. No wonder it’s one of the top attractions in the Rockies one of the top tourist regions in the world. When the sun is right, the lake lights up in an almost otherworldly colour, framed by perfect trees and epic mountains.

Of all the top sights in Canada, this one battles for most popular.

Not to cut it down, it is spectacular, but the Rockies have a few other glacier-fed lakes that I think are just as nice.

Morraine’s beauty is certainly worthy of a visit and some postcard photos, but be wary the other tourists. While many other sights on this list boast difficult hikes or expensive flights, the biggest issue here will be other humans.

Part of the reason I always think of this as an extremely famous lake is because it has got a road, directly to it. You don’t build a road to a lake only a couple people fish at. On the upside, that does mean easy access. Located at the very end of Morraine Lake Road, this is accessible through Lake Louise. Being that area is a long way from most other things, you’ll likely need to consider accommodation inside the park.

It is in a national park, so you’ll have to pay the associated fees, whether you’re just doing some sort of epic day trip or camping overnight.

TripAdvisor ranks it as the #2 thing to do in Lake Louise, high praise indeed. The big complaint is traffic during peak, so try to avoid during the big travel times in Canada. The offical National Park’s website is here. If you’re feeling spendy, you could even consider the Morraine Lake Lodge.

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