365 Canadian Sights | Day 244: Wrecks Week – SS Charcot

| Image from Flickr/elmerfishpaw via CC BY 2.0 |

Some areas are just filled with wrecks, and offer plenty of opportunities to take photos.

Somewhat ironically, the old rusted out hull of the SS Charcut plunges out of the water like a breaching whale.

What’s ironic about that is that the old ship was a whaling ship before it wrecked in 1970 after it’s moorings broke. For quite a while it was thought to be the SS Sposa, but recent research corrected that.

To be honest, this area is covered in interesting wrecks, and there are others that could have made this list instead. And there are dozens underwater as well, though that poses a bit of a barrier, both to visiting the site and getting good photos. I’m not sure why there are so many old ships wrecked on the coast of Newfoundland. I mean, sure, it’s a rugged coastline, but it seems like there are more than other places that have been populated just as long, if not longer.

That aside, it’s worth checking out what’s around when heading up the coast of the Rock, you never know when some rusty bucket of bolts will have some intriguing angles to take a photo of.

Located just off the coast of the town of Conception Harbour, getting to it is easy enough if you have a car. The small town is only an hour outside of St. John’s, which makes it an ideal stop as part of a road trip from the province’s capital.

It doesn’t appear on TripAdvisor at all, so that’s dissapointing, nor on AtlasObscura (maybe I’ll get around to that myself). On the upside there are other sites that keep track of wrecks and oddities, like this one and this one, both good places for more info.

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