365 Canadian Sights | Day 250: Bell Island Cliffs and Caves

| Image from Flickr/Douglas Sprott via CC BY NC 2.0 |

Bell Island is famous for a few things, but one thing it should be more famous for is its geology, all around the edge.

The Bell Island boom, its old mine and shipwrecks are all a part of the region (and the shipwrecks would be great to get on this list if I could find some good photos), but the area is full of great sights worthy of postcards.

Sea stacks, caves, huge cliffs reminiscent of the more famous Cliffs of Moher are all a part of this little island’s shoreline. With the Atlantic crashing at its doorstep, the cliffs make the island a bit of a fortress. The caves burrow into the fortress, and the sea stacks tower over the sea level.

While the island isn’t huge, there are lots of shorelines to explore and so I can’t really say “Head to that one particular cove.” There are plenty of coves to stop at, and trails to many of them. One popular way to see most of them is via kayak or boat tours.


Only about an hour away from St. John’s, this is a good day trip for anyone doing a road trip in the area. I’m not sure about transit service, though there is a public ferry. Bikes might be an idea, too, if that’s your style.

It’s pretty cheap to get over, with a car and two people it’d be about $20.

Bell Island is a region, and since the geology is all around the island, there’s no specific site on TripAdvisor. Tourism Newfoundland and Labrador does have some info about the geology, but really, the only way to check this out would be to go there and explore.


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