365 Canadian Sights | Day 265: Lady Evelyn Falls

| Image from Flickr/Scott Lough via CC BY NC ND 2.0 |

Canada’s north holds many natural wonders that most of us have never heard of, especially waterfalls.

As yet more evidence of that, we’re looking at Lady Evelyn Falls, a huge sheet waterfall on the Kakisa River. Around 17 m high, it’s not the largest drop, but that’s still taller than, a four-storey building (in most cases). And people have gone over in kayaks.

More impressive is the width and volume of water. At 116 m wide, it’s wider than a football field is long, with a constant flow pouring over it (except when it freezes over).

Lady Evelyn Falls Territorial Park has been set up to protect the falls, keeping it shrouded in dense forest (not that there’s a lot of development starting up in the area).

While it’s a long ways from where most Canadians live, this is a hot area for huge waterfalls. South of Great Slave Lake, driving is about the only option here. It’s about an hour-and-a-half from the largest village on the southern side of the lake, Hay River. It’s also about the same distance from Louise Falls, and the neighbouring Alexandria Falls. Yup, the area is full of giant waterfalls (full being relative).

A car is necessary, but thankfully this isn’t going to require some sort of backwoods expedition to get to, an all-weather road (dirt road that most cars can get by on) leads to the park, and there are camping and trails around the falls.

TripAdvisor ranks it as the top thing to do in the sparsley populated region of Fort Providence. The park’s official site is here, and a good write up on it can be found here.

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