365 Canadian Sights | Day 266: Jasper Week – Maligne Canyon

 | Image from Flickr/monica.orchard via CC BY NC ND 2.0 |

Jasper is so filled with ntaural wonders that we’re doing a full week of it.

While glacial lakes are the famous parts of the Rocky Mountains, this slot canyon is one of the top sights in the whole range.

On top of the glacial water meandering like a blue string through the deep cut in the rock, there’s the smooth walls, the rings created by the different layers, the great green forest and water falls. Really, just a packed sight. Oh, and top of that, in the winter huge chunks of ice form.

It’s 55 m at its deepest, which means when the waters low there’s lots of wall to stare up at, which is explorable sometimes. The smooth curves are reminiscent of the Wave down in the US.

Really there’s too many specific spots to take shots, so just hike the 1.2 km length and enjoy it all.

Only about 10 minutes outside of Jasper, this is a pretty easy sight to get to, if you’re staying in the tourist town or one of the nearby campsights. Since it’s in a national park you do have to pay that fee (for stopping in a national park) to visit it.

It’s free to get in, but there are tours if you feel like learnign a bit more.

It says something that with Jasper as extraordinary and famous as it is, this is the number one sight, according to TripAdvisor. For those interested in the official side of things, here’s the national park website. A more touristy sight is here. This is one of the sights that’s made the Great Canadian Bucket List of experiences, here. It’s also, like the rest of Jasper, is part of this huge UNESCO heritage site.

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