365 Canadian Sights | Day 272: Jasper Week – Pyramid Mountain, Island and Lake

| Image from Flickr/Laurent Gass via CC BY NC ND 2.0 |

If lakes of emerald and aqua aren’t up your alley, how about something a little more transparent? Jasper’s got pretty much all shades.

Some creative naming here.

Pyramid Mountain looks like a pyramid. The lake lies below it. The island is in the lake.

Ok, so it no one sat around thinking up good names (or using the ones the local first nations no doubt had). I’m guessing they were spending most of their time taking in the sights.

Located just north of the town of Jasper, Pyramid Mountain is another mountain so perfect it’s cliche. The outline looks like a kid’s drawing of a mountain, and it sits over a wide valley (where Jasper lies).

Below it is the placid, perfect little Pyramid Lake. Unlike many other lakes which speckle the Rocky Mountains, this one is a little less aqua, and more transparent. One thing it has that other lakes don’t is a passable beach, with a little sandy shoreline.

And in that lake lies Pyramid Island. Maybe not as famous as Spirit Island, that shouldn’t really be held against it. Topped with a little forest, the island is accessible via a short footbridge, perfect for a little hike.

Like I mentioned, this is a short drive from Jasper, only about 15 minutes north. Even though it’s close, it isn’t nearly as built up as other attractions in the area, and it’s easy to get to, physically.

Also, there’s no entrance fee or anything, so going is relatively cheap and worth a morning or afternoon trip over if you’re staying in or near the town.

Despite being a little lesser-known, in my opinion, it still ranks 6th on things to do in the Jasper region, according to TrpAdvisor users. Some more nuts and bolts info is here. The Tourism Alberta sight is here.

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