365 Canadian Sights | Day 275: Peyto Lake vista

 | Image from Flickr/ via CC BY NC ND 2.0 |

This might be the easiest shot to get on the list.

Not to get to, but if you want to take a spectacular photo in Canada, this is a slam dunk, so long as it’s a sunny day.

Peyto Lake is directly glacier fed, causing that hyper blue colour. Without an filter or photoshop, you can still capture that bright blue colour, that makes the sky seem pedestrian.

Like a lot of the lakes in the area, the glacier that feeds the lake grinds up rocks which float in the water, giving them their distinct colours.

Fun fact, Peyto Lake is named after one of the early guides in the area who brought some the first travellers and tourists to the region. A subtle nod to the tourism industry’s influence in the area (don’t expect to be alone at the lookout)(also, sometimes I understate things).

Part of the Icefields Parkway, this stretch through the Rocky Mountains is one of the biggest tourist draws in Canada, and with Peyto being just one of the many stops between Jasper and Banff, you can see why. There are a few other stops on this list on the same road.

The Peyto Lake lookout is the highest point on the road, located on the Bow Summit. Tour busses can take you, if you’re into the tour bus lifestyle, but odds are you’ll need you’re own vehicle.

It’s a National Park, still, so just a reminder to remember about that fee, but otherwise, this is a pretty cheap sight to see (except you still gotta do all that driving).

This is, kinda shockingly, the top rated thing to do in the Lake Louise area, according to TripAdvisor users. That includes LAKE LOUISE!!! That should give you an idea of how cool this vista is. The Travel Alberta page on Peyto is here. THat should really be all you need on this one.

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