365 Canadian Sights | Day 277: Sea Lion Rock

Sea Lion,
| Image from Flickr/Sharon Mollerus via CC BY 2.0 |

One of Ontario’s natural wonders is a sight you might expect to see on the sea.

However, when you’ve got lakes like Superior, it’s close enough I guess.

Sea Lion Rock is a sea arch on a lake, so a lake arch? I don’t know of many arches on lakes.

The ancient rock formation used to look more like a sea lion, but the years have knocked off some pieces (notably its head), leaving the arch as it is, jutting out into the pristine waters of Sleeping Giant Provincial Park.

While it’s not the biggest arch out there, it is in a unique setting. The dense forest gives it a different look than other arches, and it’s covered in lichen, which ocean-based arches don’t get, so that’s kinda cool.

Also (and unfortunately I couldn’t find any Creative Commons photos of this to share) in the winter you can walk out onto the ice near the arch and explore it up close.

Located on the edge of Sleeping Giant Provincial Park this is a short walk from the end of the road. Basically, you can drive into the park, and this will be one of the first sights to see while on your visit. However, you will need to drive.

Sea Lion Rock is one of the highlights in Sleeping Giant park, but it’s not THE highlight, so the TripAdivisor ranking doesn’t really count for this one. It doesn’t have it’s own seperate ranking. The Natural Arch and Bridge Society have a small profile on the rock, and this hiking site has some info on getting to it.

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