365 Canadian Sights | Day 278: Upper Englishman River Falls

 | Image from Flickr/Jasperdo via CC BY NC ND 2.0 |

While I’ve featured lots of waterfalls, these are different in a way than all others.

Instead of falling over a cliff into open air, the Upper Englishman River Falls floow into a narrow slot canyon. While they emerge nearby, from the right angle it just looks like the falls fall into the earth disappearing deep into the core.

The river isn’t large, but it’s spread out at this point, and it’s a fair amount of water to ject rush off, and the cliff on the opposite side gives a unique view of the water going over the edge.

Also, thanks to the recent upgrades to the park, there are plenty of trails, including bridges over the river which give lots of cool views over the flowing water.

Located partway up Vancouver Island, this is a popular campground near Parksville. Being that it’s a waterfall, it shouldn’t be a surprise that you’ll need to drive to the park and then there’s a short hike through the west coast forest leading up to the Upper Falls.

The top thing to do in the region (according to TripAdvisor), it helps that it’s back aways from the beaches at Parksville and south of the Coombs market at Goats on the Roof. The official park website is here.

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