365 Canadian Sights | Day 281: Railway Hotels – Banff Springs Hotel

| Image from Flickr/Can Pac Swire via CC BY NC 2.0 |

These hotels are probably the height of old school luxury in Canada; opulent buildings in spectacular locations meant to elicit awe.

Arguably one of the most famous hotels worldwide, this is the kind of place that’s used to advertise Canada on the world stage as a luxury travel destination.

The Banff Springs Hotel, now under Fairmount’s management, has been around for over 130 years, standing as an impressive structure in the middle of the Rocky Mountains, an area known for being a bit more rugged that others.

However, the hotel has taken down those rough edges, and getting a postcard-worthy shot of this hotel shouldn’t be difficult. You can shoot from a mountain top if you want to, but it’s not difficult to get a good view of the hotel standing above the trees from pathways suitable by wheelchairs.

Depending on where you’re shooting from this is a sight that you can take photos of from the street out front or a mountain top nearby. In other words, there aren’t many directions, other than end up in Banff (via car or bus).

While it’s a hotel, it’s still in a national park, so you’ll have to pay that fee.

Again, it’s a hotel, not a sight in the eyes of TripAdvisor. The official hotel sight is here, if you want that. For a more fun/interesting profile, AtlasObscura has one. If you’re really into the hotel, and want to see the inside, there are paid tours.

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