365 Canadian Sights | Day 288: St. Martins Sea Caves

| Image from Flickr/Darin House via CC BY NC ND 2.0 |

Sea caves in Canada are fairly rare, IMO, so when we find one, it’s pretty neat.

In New Brunswick, there’s lots of coastline, in particular on the Bay of Fundy, where there’s plenty of interesting sights. And that’s where we find these sea caves.

The pair of them are part of a UNESCO Biosphere, recognizing the ecological value of the region, but what we’re interested in is the postcard-worthiness, and to me, they got it.

In particular, there’s the classic view from inside the cave looking out at the ocean. Framed by a silhoutte the ocean is naturally framed and really pops.

A note, they do fill up a bit with the tide, so you don’t want o get stuck in there.

Less than an hour outside of St. John (the New Brunswick version, of course), this is a solid piece of a day trip from the city.

TripAdvisor has pretty positive reviews for the caves, and rank it second on things to do i the area. The village’s site for this sight is here, and a profile on the spot was published by CBC, here. It has lots of details for those looking to explore.

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