365 Canadian Sights | Day 290: National Music Centre

| Image from Flickr/Can Pac Swire via CC BY NC 2.0 |

While it says Studio Bell on the outside, I’m calling this the National Music Centre, because that’s whose home it is, and the naming rights for the building, completed in 2016, are up again in 8 or so years.

Ok, my vague distaste for naming rights out of the way, the National Music Centre is more than a giant M in the middle of Calgary (though it for reals looks like an M for music, right?). It’s got a state of the art performance area, a massive…I want to call it a skywalk, but it’s way bigger than a normal one, and some of the best architectural curves in Canada.

While I only showcase street-level shots here, I saw one (copyrighted) image from above, and if you can get height on it somehow (how many Cowtown helicopter pilots do you know?) I’d say go for it. Also, I know some find it odd it hugs that one building so closely on the right, but I find it interesting to see something so modern make room for the past. Unlike other structures, that have taken something old and updated it, this is just built around it.

Getting to the centre is pretty easy, it’s in downtown Calgary (essentially). All the usual suspects are available, including buses. Most of its visual interest for this project comes from the outside, so getting those pics are free. There are collections and exhibitions inside, along with performances. To visit it’s $18, but performances and other things will be extra or separate.

Since this is another recent structure, it’s not a historic site, though if it stays as the National Music Centre it’ll be on some sort of special list. TripAdvisor ranks it as the 12 best thing to see in Calgary. 

It’s official site is here.

Editor’s Notes —This is an updated version of the post I published last year when I took the first swing at this project.

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