365 Canadian Sights | Day 292: Pond Inlet

 | Image from Flickr/GRID Arendal via CC BY NC ND 2.0 |

When someone starts talking about a picturesque Canadian village, odds are you’ll imagine a little Maritime fishing village with colourful houses on the rocky shore, or maybe cabins tucked into a mountain valley, or perhaps a farming town standing in the middle of the prairies.

Well, Pond Inlet is none of those, it’s a village of about 1,600 on the northern end of Baffin Island, existing through some of the coldest weather humans endure.

And while its architecture might not be the most amazing, it’s location is as interesting as any of the aforementioned places, with the impressive Bylot Island providing a backdrop while icebergs drift past.

As sea ice allows for cruise ships to explore the arctic, Pond Inlet is finding itself as a stop for southern tourists floating past, who want to see a bit of Baffin Island life.

To be honest, when winter rolls around it looks like Pond Inlet looks like most other Arctic villages, but for those clear days when the sea plays nice and Bylot is clear in the distance, it’s a gem.

As mentioned above, cruise ships do pass by and there are some trips to shore. There’s also an airport, and flights do pop in, so you could go that way as well. Both are not cheap though (as nothing is cheap when we’re talking about the Canadian Arctic).

Since it’s a whole town, TripAdvisor doesn’t really work in this case, but it does have a nascent profile there. The village is officially a hamlet; the link to their official site is here. I’m not sure which is the official tourism site for these guys, so here are two

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