365 Canadian Sights | Day 295: Caves Week – Bonnechere Caves

| Image from Bonnechere Caves |

While caves aren’t the most common geological feature, they can be in unexpected places, since they’re (by their very nature) out of sight. So the fact southern Ontario has some great ones is likely a fun new fact for some.

Tucked away near the Bonnechere River in southern Ontario is a cave system near Ottawa formed out of limestone around 500 million years ago, a testament to the geological stability of the region.

At that time it was part of a tropical sea, so the walls of this cave actually have fossils predating dinosaurs by a couple hundred million years.

The more interesting angles, though, come from the installed lighting, wooden planks and mystery created by both, along with the natural wall. Both ideas work, though, as long as you’re able to capture it with your camera.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any good shots via Creative Commons for this sight, so went with photos from the Bonnechere Caves (the site operator) website.

Also, dark caves can be a difficult place to shoot, but let’s all agree to stop using flash photography down there, ok?

Just outside of Eganville, this is a little out of the way, when it comes to southern Ontario. However, it’s a short car trip from Ottawa, and not a physically challenging experience.

It’s about $20 to get in as an adult, though there are special events with other rates. More here.

Eganville isn’t really a tourist town, so it shouldn’t be a surprise this is the top attraction in the area (according to TripAdvisor), though it is a very nice area. The official site, as has been linked above, can be found here. A good profile of the sight can be found here.

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