365 Canadian Sights | Day 296: Caves Week – Huson Caves/Atluck Creek

| Image from Flickr/Ryan King via CC BY NC 2.0 |

It’s time to talk about karst.

Karst is a type of topography that is ideal for cave formation. It just so happens that Vancouver Island has a lot of it.

I’ll hold back from nerding out too much, but t should be noted that it reacts to the elements a bit different than most topography,  eroding in a very different manner and creating super interesting geological formations.

Along the Atluck Creek there are 15 or so caves that are part of the Huson Caves, with all sorts of additional formations popping up due to the karst lying underneath the forest floor (and therefore cut by the creek.

This article takes a more in-depth look at it, but for the photographer, it creates plenty of postcard or selfie-worthy scenes that look almost liquid, due to the erosions.

To be fair, there’s more karst all over the area, and lots of other interesting sights because of it. One thing that’s fun to watch for is when rivers or streams disappear, dropping below ground through the porous surface. Researchers have used dye to figure out where some of it goes, since it disappears for so long.

These caves are located on the north end of Vancouver Island, not far from the one highway that makes it up there. However, it’s a big island, so it’s going to take much more than a day trip from Victoria. I’d suggest a couple days camping throughout the region, TBH.

TripAdvisor puts it as the third thing to do in Zeballos, which is odd, since Zeballos is not really nearby (or large enough to warrant its own region), but I guess no town is. Anywho, BC Magazine has a good profile on the park as well, so here’s that link. As far as I know it’s not a provincial park, so there’s no official site like other places, but this tourism site fulfills that role.

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