365 Canadian Sights | Day 298: Caves Week – Scenic Caves (Georgian Bay)

| Image from Flickr/dawn =^..^= via CC BY NC ND 2.0 |

Sometimes the caves are preceded by something really neat.

The Niagara Escarpment hides more than a few interesting sights.

In this case, a slot canyon has been carved into it and caves have formed, creating a sight that exists above and below ground.

The Scenic Caves, in this case, are a private attraction, although there are apparently some other similar ones in the area. Here we have things like the Fern Cavern, Fat Man’s Misery and the Refrigerator Cave. Each individually might not be spectacular, but the network and way it’s all connected are worth it.

Through walkways, well-trod paths and gullies you can explore the rocks covered by greenery, and then tuck down underground for some spelunking. Nearby there’s also a zipline and suspension bridge, not sure there’s as much to see up there as there is below, though.



The official attraction is located just a few minutes west of Collingwood, which is 2+ hours north of Toronto. It’s in a popular tourist area on the southern shore of Georgian Bay, with Wasaga Beach only about 20 minutes away. Tobermory isn’t too much of a stretch either, if you’re doing a tour of the area.

With summer and winter rates in the varying depending on what you want to do, you’re looking at minimum entrance fees around $21+.

TripAdvisor rates it fairly well, though some don’t see the value in it. If that’s the case, maybe seek out those other, more public but lesser seen caves. The official site is here.

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