365 Canadian Sights | Day 300: Caves Week – Warsaw Caves

| Image from Flickr/Jason Fowler via CC BY NC ND 2.0 |

You might be seeing a pattern now, with another cave system in southern Ontario. That’s just the way the geology formed, with ideal conditions on Vancouver Island and southern Ontario.

Like most other caves on this list, limestone is essential to it’s creation. What’s a little different here is that it’s collapsed to a certain extent, so while the caves are still a fun chance to spelunk, some of the best sites are above ground…sort of.

The network of cracked, crumbling rocks and little gullies create a super unique landscape, with trees sprouting up through cracks and narrow gaps for people to crawl through. Some of it is underground, other parts are in such narrow areas the sky is just a narrow sliver above.

That cracked and crumbled landscape covered with moss and vegetation is pretty rare in Canada, which is why this makes the list.

It’s a bit of a drive from Toronto, at about 2 hours in one direction. If you’re more interested in exploring this area of Ontario more, Peterborough is only about 30 minutes away. There’s also a lot of camping opportunities.

TripAdvisor says this is essentially the only thing to do in the Warsaw area, so of course it ranks first. On the upside, it’s also rated fairly well. This semi-official site for the Warsaw Caves Conservation Area is useful for all the practical info, while this blogTO article is a little more fun.

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