365 Canadian Sights | Day 304: Ruins Week – Bois Blanc Island amusement park

 | Image from Flickr/Mr Stoller via CC BY ND 2.0 |

Luckily, not all ruins are from forgotten bygones, some are more recent and show a more industrial period of time being taken over by nature.

I’m going to premise this by stating that I don’t know about the legality of visiting this place.

Perhaps better known as Boblo Island, this old amusement park has been shut down for a couple decades now, and nature is creeping back in.

Once a popular place to hang out for people from Windsor or Detroit (especially when the border was easy to cross), the park is now in disrepair, with vegetation taking over, buildings crumbling and boats falling apart (or burning).

In other words, this would be the perfect place for a Halloween adventure.

It’s not going to give you classic beauty, rugged images, creative humanity or majestic vistas; instead, it’s a deep dive into what comes after civilization moves on as the natural world begins to reverse what humans have built.

Like I mentioned, I’m not sure about getting here in an official, legal way. If you can find out let me know. Essentially all you need, though, is to get over from Amherstburg, which is south of Windsor. A dinghy would do the job.

Not surprisingly, there’s no TripAdvisor profile for this one, but there is one from AtlasObscura. And while there aren’t any official tourism sites for it, there are plenty of phot blogs that have gone over and taken creepy sets. There is what appears to be an official site of sorts here, if you’re curious.

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