365 Canadian Sights | Day 305: Ruins Week – The Sandon Busses

 | Image from Flickr/Jasperdo via CC BY NC ND 2.0 |

Ok, ruins might be a bight of a stretch here, but really, what else can you call this?

Not quite a ghost town (there are still a few residents), Sandon has a different type of ‘ruin.’ In this case, I’m referring to all the busses. Trolly buses to be specific.

There’s a fleet of them, all former B.C. Transit vehicles, all just sitting there. Still in fairly good conditions, the buses have become a popular stop for travellers popping into the town, which itself is more a historic site than active community.

The busses are part of old fleets, which means a lot of them are nearly identical hence the shots that look like clones. It seems some are open as well, which means the odd selfie from in a bus 50+ years old shows up every once in awhile.

Tucked away in some of the backroads of the Kootenays, this is actually a fairly accessible spot for where it is. A dirt road leads up there and it seems in fairly good condition.

TripAdvisor has a profile about the town, but not one for the buses, so it doesn’t really rank it. There is semi-official website for Sandon, as well. This tourism site offers a fair amount of info. Vancouver is Awesome also has a profile about it.

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