365 Canadian Sights | Day 306: Ruins Week – Carbide Willson Ruins

| Image from Flickr/Shawna Tregunna via CC BY 2.0 |

Canada’s industrial past often offers up some interesting spots currently being reclaimed by forest.

Thomas “Carbide” Willson was a Canadian inventor around the time Canada was becoming a thing. And he was relatively successful.

That success led to the construction of this site. A work area for the man in his later years, the secluded area is on the edge of Meech Lake, not far from Ottawa, but also not in a community of any sort.

After his passing the lake has become parkland, essentially, and as such, his former workshop is being taken over by nature. Unused for around 100 years, all that remains is the stone superstructure and some metal bits, but there’s plenty of that.

It’s also located in a very picturesque spot, with a stream running past it and a leafy green forest around, providing some light, but also plenty of shade; you can understand why ‘Carbide’ picked this location (though it probably had less to do with aesthetics and more to do with that aforementioned stream).

A short (and legal, in this case) hike can get you to the spot now.

About a half-hour outside of Ottawa, this is something you’ll need a car for, but it’s worth exploring the area, as the Meech Lake region is a nice area outside of the urban and sub-urban Ottawa bustle.

Ranked ok in the area, it’s rated fairly well, so I imagine there’s just competition in the area, at least accoridng to TripAdvisor. AtlasObscura also has a profile about the area, with some history on it. This website has a bit more information about how to get there.

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