365 Canadian Sights | Day 307: Ruins Week – Brittania Shipyard

| Image from Wikimedia/Jerry Meaden via CC BY 2.0 |

Ok, calling all of these ‘ruins’ might be a bit unfair, but still, some are not anything like what they used to be.

Ok, so dilapidated isn’t quite a ruin, but this old shipbuilding facility sure has seen better days.

Though, when you head inside, it looks fairly nice. The structure has been turned into a sort of museum to it’s past, and the past of shipbuilding on the west coast.

Hanging over the salt chuck, it looks like something out a movie about New Orleans, since the west coast hasn’t got many structures like this. I’m guessing the area is well sheltered from the storms that show up.


Located about a half-hour drive from Vancouver’s core, this is one that transit would technically work for, though it’s not a short trip, and includes a short walk. So if you’re budget conscious it (and Steveston) are a good option if you’re looking to get away from the rest of Vancouver.

To add to the budget-friendliness of the shipyards, admission is free.

Ranked fifth (on TripAdvisor) in things to do in Richmond (which is a fairly busy place) isn’t bad. For more infor there’s the Historic website, since it’s on the national registry. And here’s the official site, with all the basic info you need for a visit.

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