365 Canadian Sights | Day 309: Othello Tunnels

Othello Tunnel
| Image from Flickr/Jeroen van Luin via CC BY 2.0 |

With Canada’s reliance on trains for much of its history just pre-Confederacy to only a couple decades ago (and even now, to a certain extent), there are a few decommissioned tracks.

These are often excellent opportunities for tourism since they leave straight-ish, flat-ish paths ideal for bikes or people.

In this case, to build that flat, straight track, they had to cut through the Coquihalla Canyon, creating the now-famous Othello Tunnels, five holes in solid stone connected by paths and bridges over the winding Coquihalla River.

The rugged canyon, covered in West Coast forest offers a great background to these tunnels. Ferns and trees stick out all over the place, filtering sunlight and creating an inviting place for a walk (not really a hike when it’s this flat).

Located just east of Hope, this is an easy stop if you’re travelling into the interior of B.C. from the Lower Mainland, is a popular day trip for some from the Vancouver area. It is something you’ll need a vehicle for, though. On the upside, it’s free to check out (when it’s open, weather can close it in the winter).

TripAdvisor put this on top for things to do in Hope. It’s also recognized as a historic site by the province of B.C. and as an oddity by Atlas Obscura. And there’s an official site, so lots of links to check out if you’re interested in more info. There’s alsp a good article from B.C. Magazine, here.

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