365 Canadian Sights | Day 310: St. George’s (Round) Church

 | Image from Flickr/Dennis Jarvis via CC BY SA 2.0 |

Built to be a stand out in Halifax back when it was a smaller town, this church has a royal heritage.

Its precise design history is unknown, but it’s related to Prince Edward (Queen Victoria’s father). He was stationed in Halifax prior to 1800 and decided the city needed something a little nicer, architecture-wise. One of those projects became the unusual looking St. George’s Church, with a Palladian style.

That resulted in the round structure, built out of wood. I don’t know of many round structures made of wood, since it’s not something you can easily curve.

Finished over 200 years ago, this structure survived the Halifax Explosion and a fire in 1994 which caused the dome to collapse. Luckily, the National Historic Site made it through and continues to be an iconic structure in one of Canada’s oldest cities.

Located on the edge of Halifax’s downtown, the church is a good walk, an easy bike ride or a simple bus trip away from the city’s core.

TripAdvisor isn’t too impressed by it, ranking it 60 out of around 120 sights and things to do in the city (which might bethe lowest ranking on this list). However, it’s more of an interesting sight and thing to photograph, it’s not the most exciting place to visit. It’s actually not rated badly, but lacks reviews.

There is a Historic site for St. George’s and an official one as well, if you’re interested in more info.

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