365 Canadian Sights | Day 313: Bralorne

| Image from Flickr/Tjflex2 via CC BY NC ND 2.0 |

Maybe we’ll call this a zombie town?

Bralorne was a gold mining town, but when the mine closed it was essentially abandoned. Tucked away in the mountains of southern B.C., outside of the resource sector it didn’t have a sustainable economy.

Until now? A few homes are occupied now (there a population of around 60), and large chunks of land has been purchased inside the former town, so what we have going on is a ghost town, with some new signs of life. I’m not sure of any other towns in Canada like that, where it was empty (for a couple decades) before life returned.

That means nature really started to return, and a lot of the town has an abandoned vibe (which I find fascinating, hence its spot on this list). However, parts of it are coming back, including a museum site (indoor/outdoor) and it’s becoming an adventure sport destination, thanks to the mountain location with the unspoilt wilderness. Who knows what it’s future holds for Bralorne?

Located north of Vancouver by a fair way, it’ll take well over five hours to drive. And that’s about the only way to get there. There are, of course, smaller towns to start from. The best, well, shortest option, is Lillooet when you’re discussing towns and the highway system.

There are settlements and camping opportunities much closer,  but Lillooet is the closest with a full set of services.

Since it’s a bit of a forgotten place, Bralorne doesn’t show up on a lot of tourism sites. A semi-official site is here, though. And more than a few travellers have gone through for different reasons. If you’re interested in the history, this piece is pretty interesting, with interviews from past residents.

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