365 Canadian Sights | Day 315: Canadian National War Memorial

2013-05-14 - 13.49.41 (Public)
| Image from Flickr/Robert Linsdell via CC BY 2.0 |

On today, the 100th anniversary of the Armistice signed at the end of WWI, it seems fitting to pay tribute to this sight.

Easily one of the most important and impressive monuments in Canada, the statues and structure are full of symbolism. Greek gods top the monument, while bronze statues from the ‘Great War’ march out beneath the arch, each representing different branches and parts of the military.

In fact, the artist made an effort to make sure the soldiers weren’t easily identifiable as from a certain location or race, as to show unity (though none of the soldiers are feminine or female, it should be noted).

Originally dedicated in 1939, this memorial predates WWII (or, rather, they kinda originate at the same time). It’s been rededicated a couple times now, to include all conflicts Canadian soldiers have fought in.

Located between a grand old railway hotel and the centre of the country’s political system, it’s one of the most prominent places in Canada, and fitting for such an important reminder.


This is right in the middle of Ottawa, and should go on any list of sights to see while visiting the nation’s capital. It’s walking distance from Parliament Hill and other major sights right in the city’s core, and is fairly obvious given it’s in an area with few other large structures.

Ranked as the number two sight in Ottawa, it’s an essential spot to visit if passing through the capital, and easy to get to as well. A very straightforward history of the monument and how it came to be can be found here.

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