365 Canadian Sights | Day 317: Wonderland sculpture

| Image from Flickr/Lambert Rellosa via CC BY ND 2.0 |

Less than 10-years-old, this modern sculpture quickly became a highlight of Calgary’s public art collection.

The giant wire mesh head treads a difficult line, in my opinion. Objectively it looks cool, so for people who aren’t artsy it’s easy to look at and get something from, even if it’s only a brief “Neat!”

It’s also, I think, an interesting piece of art, and no one is going to mistake it for anything other than art. It’s not junk, or advertising (there’s a terrible piece in Victoria that looks like an ad, so it’s a legit worry, I think).

How deep you want to get into it is up to you, and I’m not an educated art critic, so I won’t go deeper than I have, but from a photography point of view it’s an interesting piece to take photos of. The mesh creates a CGI look to some, and can be warped by fisheye lenses. Also, the transparency means you can shoot through it, and lighting effects it differently than other things nearby.

Located in downtown Calgary, this is a walk from a lot of other notable sights or places in Calgary, including the Calgary Tower and some of the city’s mightiest skyscrapers. While it’s not the most walkable city, there are other similar options, like electric scooters!

There aren’t many links for this one, other than a bevy of news stories from when it was unveiled. TripAdvisor has good reviews, and those who don’t like seem to not like art in general. The reason for it’s existance is likely lost on them. 

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