365 Canadian Sights | Day 320: Fort Frederick

| Image from Wikimedia/deltawhiskybravo via CC BY SA 3.0 |

Kingston has a number of historic complexes, and Fort Frederick is located in the nicest area.

The fort’s origins are over 200 years ago, before the war of 1812, and it was in use for decades and decades, meaning it covers a lot of Canada’s early history (as a nation). After ending its role as an active fort, it was part of the military college based in Kingston.

Capturing all that with a photo isn’t easy, but if you’re going to try, this is one of the few places in Canada to do it.

Kingston is filled with historic places from Canada’s early history as a country and colony. Fort Fredericks is a major part of that, occupying a prominent point just across an arm of the river from the city’s core. I’m not sure if transit is an option, but it’s a half-hour walk from downtown Kingston or a 10-minute bike ride. Driving is, of course, an option.

The museum is closed right now, while the fort is restored, but you can still walk parts of the grounds around the fort, which is fine for photography.

TripAdvisor isn’t too kind to Fort Frederick, but I don’t think many go with an eye for photos. Of course this is an official historic site, so here’s that link. Kingston has a museum association, because of all the history there, and the Royal Military College Museum has a site as well.

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