365 Canadian Sights | Day 321: Brockton and Hallelujah point

| Image from Flickr/Jerry Meaden via CC BY NC SA 2.0 |

I know, I know, I already wrote about Vancouver skylines and Stanley Park before, but really it’s worth going back to.

This time it’s a section of the park’s eastern end. Brockton and Hallelujah points are two parts of the same little peninsula, sticking out into Vancouver Harbour just a little. What that means is some of the best views of the city’s southern side, with the mountains in the background.

On top of the skyline view, there are some of the boldest totem poles around. Kept painted in vibrant colours, they provide a counter-balance to the historic poles seen in museums. It’s easily apparent this is a cultural expression that’s not over, but alive, active and ongoing.

ON TOP OF THAT is the squat, square Brockton Point Lighthouse. A sort of fun-sized lighthouse. Over 100 years old, it captures a period of time in Vancouver that has mostly disappeared with all the development.

AND ON TOP OF THAT there’s the 9 o’clock gun. It’s maybe not the most visually interesting spot out there most of the time, but when it fires there’s plenty of opportunity (see the Instagram shot below).

AND THEN ON TOP OF THAT, there’s the park and Seawall itself, which is worth a shot of, especially in the right light.

Located in the far eastern part of Stanley Park, the road that leads you around the park will get you there easily enough. Of course, the classic way of getting out here is by the Seawall, which is for bikes and pedestrians (and yes, you can rent a bike on the edge of the park.

TripAdvisor is all over the place on this one, with pages for Hallelujah Point, the totem poles and the Brockton Point lighthouse. It seems to water everythign down. It’s also hard to find much background when you search for these sights, since there are so many stock photos of them. For more info on Hallelujah Point, check this out. For more on the totems, there’s this from the city.

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