365 Canadian Sights | Day 324: Toronto Week – Humber River Bicycle Pedestrian Bridge

| Image from Flickr/Ashton Emanuel via CC BY NC ND 2.0 |

Not every sight in Toronto is a renowned piece of architecture. Sometimes it’s a new piece of architecture.

It’s not the biggest bridge in Toronto, but it’s gotta be the most attractive.

Also called the Humber Arch Bridge, this span is right on the lakeshore, connecting both sides of the Humber River, giving those taking photos of the bridge great angles out over Lake Ontario.

The clean, simple, modern design is just a pleasing sight. It’s not overwrought or excessive in any way, and it’s not so industrial that it’s unattractive. It balances the practical with a pleasing look.

It helps that it’s a pedestrian bridge, which means it has a lighter look compared to other bridges. This isn’t a trestle, it’s a single arch with one main span covering the entire width of a river. Taking advantage of that and keeping it structurally simple was the smartest thing the designer did; also, artists apparently contributed to some design aspects at the bridge site, which shows they were thinking about its looks well in advance of the first day of construction.

This is a bit farther from the city’s core than other sights. Located over the Humber River, of course, it’s on the western edge of the city. However, while walking there from the city’s centre is essentially out of the question (Over 1.5 hours one way), cycling would be fine, and transit. Of course, once there some walking (or biking) is necessary since it’s a pedestrian bridge; that’s the point of it.

While only ranked 155 in Toronto on TripAdvisor, that’s actually kind of impressive since it’s a bridge outside of the core. People really seem to like it, it’s just not visited very often and isn’t really one of the central places to visit in the country’s biggest city. For more, this article touches on the design of the bridge and this site touches on some techinical details.

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