365 Canadian Sights | Day 327: Toronto Week – Gooderham Building

| Image from Flickr/Stefano Montagner via CC BY NC ND 2.0 |

While Toronto went through an architectural dry spell, it’s historic buildings are iconic.

The Gooderham Building may not be the most famous buildings in Toronto, but it might be one of the most recognizable.

Thanks to TV and film, and the fact it’s one of the oldest buildings in the city, it gets a lot of screen time. Built in 1882, it’s seen a lot of growth throughout the city, and as a flatiron building, it’s a natural point of interest. The red brick and turret don’t do anything to lessen that.

It helps that it’s at an open intersection, ideal for photos with other iconic Toronto buildings behind it. There’s also a great mural on its backside and a little park, so overall the location is perfect for it, which might be due to it lasting over 130 years. With that kind of staying power, the area around it has grown up around it.

A historic building, it should stay like this for a while. Also, fun fact, it’s related to the distillery district.

Located just east of Yonge Street, this is right in the city’s core, so driving is probably not a good idea, especially with transit being pretty solid in the area. It’s also easy walking distance from a lot of other popular spots.

Ranked 63 things to see and do in Toronto by TripAdvisor, that’s pretty good for an old building, IMO. It’s also a historic site. And for an inside look, check out this article from the Tornto Star.

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