365 Canadian Sights | Day 339: Elora Mill/Tooth of Time

| Image from Flickr/Duško Pilić via CC BY NC ND 2.0 |

Built in 1832, the Elora Mill has been a lot of things.

Most of those things were types of mills. Like flour or saw…er, wood?

Now, like many historic buildings, it’s a fancy inn. In this case that’s ok, since they’ve preserved the side facing the Grand River, and keeping the nearly 200-year-old view the same, which is a classic. With rapid in the Grand River flowing by and the amazingly named island ‘The Tooth of Time.’

Really, has there been a better island name?

The jutting piece of rock isn’t actually the highlight of all this, as it’s usually covered in small trees.

But the waterfall, rapids, and old mill create a storybook scene that could be out of some romantic era book about small-town Canada (before it was Canada).

To be fair, the whole town is amazing, with architecture ranging back well over 100 years and a busy food scene (for its size).

Elora is pretty easy to get to if you’re in the GTA, especially if you’re on the west end of things near Kitchener or Guelph. Only about an hour and a half from Toronto, 30 min from Kitchener and 20 from Guelph, the little tourist town is well-positioned to gather people from Canada’s densest area.

In other words, if you’re in and around Toronto and have a car, this is an excellent day trip.

TripAdvisor kinda bails on us here, but in general Elora is a popular tourist town and the downtown, of which this is part, is well regarded, getting reviews like “charming,” “magical,” and “cozy.” The very humble official site for info on Elora (which declares it Ontario’s Most Beautiful Village) can be found here with lots of info about the whole town. And of course, since it’s near Toronto, there’s a blogTO article about it, which (despite flowery language) has some good info about the town and area.

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