365 Canadian Sights | Day 341: Pointe-au-Pere Lighthouse

| Image from Flickr/:: ben7va :: via CC BY NC ND 2.0 |

As one of the biggest lighthouses in the country mixed with a unique design, the Pointe-au-Pere lighthouse is one of the most eyecatching nautical navigation tools in the country.

At 108 ft. tall and 110 years old, this is one of the tallest historic sites in the country, especially when you take out cathedrals and churches. Used until 1975, it’s since been turned into a maritime museum with more and more maritime things showing up.

Most recently the site gained a submarine, the HMCS Onondaga. While it’s definitely odd to see a submarine above the ocean, it’s not a super interesting shot, I don’t think. Submarines aren’t the most interesting looking things in the world.

The lighthouse, on the other hand, is kept in great condition. That means painted bright white with red highlights above a blue ocean in a green field. I know I may be into lighthouses more than the average person, but I still think this one is worth a gander.

Just northwest of the town of Rimouski, this lighthouse sits on the southern shore of the St. Lawrence — we’re talking the wide point of the river at this point, essentially the gulf. In other words, if you have a boat, it’s a sight you could see that way, but otherwise, you’re driving. On the upside, it’s on a beautiful route if you have the time and ability to do a proper road trip.

To see the lighthouse it’s free, since it’s gigantic and there’s not much around it to block the view. If you want to check it out a little closer it’s $4, or more if you want to check out more of the historic site/museums.

TripAdvisor ranks this high and well, but there isn’t a lot of competition in the area, and the submarine really carries some weight here. The official site for the historic site is here (in English), and the other official site is here (this one is from the federal government). As one of the more famous museums in Quebec (again, thanks to the submarine, there are lots of blogs written about it, but a lot are in French, it seems. This one is in English though

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