365 Canadian Sights | Day 345: Universities Week – The Ryerson Student Learning Centre

| Image from Flickr/Randy Connolly via CC BY NC 2.0 |

Creative architecture is still a hallmark of an influential university, for better or worse.

While Yonge Street is considered the heart of Toronto, there isn’t a lot of interesting architecture along the way.

That changed, a little, a couple years ago when Ryerson put the finishing touches on their new student learning centre and added to the growing portfolio of ‘starchitecture’ in the city.

Looking (to me) like a giant iceberg, it stands out amongst the rather bland architecture in the area. With bright blue and white and plenty of glass, the vibrancy is a welcome splash in the city.

Really, the highlight to me is the blue section, looking like pieces were cut off. With the steps in front of the building, it creates a really engaging public plaza area with students walking into the building and people sitting on the steps.

While I haven’t included interior photos in this post, it’s kinda neat inside too, with plenty of light coming in through all that glass.

Right in the middle of Toronto along Yonge Street, if you miss this somehow then you gotta pay better attention. Ideally, I’d say transit and walking to get here. Biking is an idea as well. I wouldn’t really want to drive in this area.

Since this isn’t a tourism sight, really, it’s not got a lot of tourism information out there. However, since it’s a notable piece of new architecture, a number of pieces have been written about it from that perspective. First, the architects who actually designed it have a bunch of info about it here. This article from before the project was built is interesting, since it visualizes what was to come fairly accurately. Often projects go over budget or change midway through, and while I’m certain things didn’t turn out precisely as designed, the look of the building is dead on. And this site did a full feature on it. Finally, there’s the official site, but that’s kinda useless since aimed at the students using the space and not visitors.

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