365 Canadian Sights | Day 348: Universities Week – The Simon Fraser quadrangle

| Image from Flickr/W & J via CC BY SA 2.0 |

It’s always good to have a peaceful place on campus for students to relax.

Simon Fraser University is sometimes criticized for how much concrete is on top of Burnaby Mountain, but what’s been done up there in some cases is pretty neat.

The highlight is, in my opinion, the quad. Officially given the terrible name ‘Academic Quadrangle,’ it’s a combination of an interesting structure in a great location. Views from the quad you can see mountain tops…under the building. That’s fun.

There’s also a large, peaceful pond, which is calming…and a great element to add to a photograph.

If this sight seems familiar, that makes sense. SFU, and the quad specifically, shows up films and TV shows regularly, especially sci-fi. The vaguely futuristic look, heavy use of concrete and fact it’s not a famous landmark in a major US city make it a good fit for some sort of monumental city plaza or government building.

The top of Burnaby Mountain isn’t the easiest place to get to via human power, so transit or driving is ideal. As a university, it’s got good transit service. It’s not the closest neighbourhood to Vancouver’s core, so it’s not something to hit when staying in the core

While it’s not a tourist destination, it still ranks seventh on the list of things to do in Burnaby on TripAdvisor. The university has a profile on it too, with technical info (and info for students). And, because it’s used a film location a lot, here’s a documentary on that.

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