365 Canadian Sights | Day 349: Universities Week – York University science and engineering buildings

| Image from Flickr/Open Grid Scheduler via Public Domain |

So…yeah, all the sights for universities are buildings. Universities have great buildings, what can I say.

York University has some of the best new architecture in Canada, and so we’re back there. Yes, the student building was already on this list, but these two, which are almost next to each other, are both worthy as well.

Both are super new as well, with the life sciences opening up in 2012 and the engineering building opening in 2015. Also, both are similar in some ways, with the patchwork look, though the life sciences is very square and full of 90° angles (I think it looks like something from science (like how genes are displayed, maybe?), but I can’t place what documentary I’ve seen it in). The engineering building, on the other hand, looks a little more like a cell or something alive, with it’s curved, shell-like exterior.

The Keele campus is now connected to the TTC, which is great news for anyone looking to make their way to the university in Toronto’s far north. A car is the other main way to get out there, or bus, but now that it’s got a full stop on the subway, I’d say that’s the best way out there. Then you don’t have to drive through Toronto.

Ranked 156 on things to do in Toronto is not great, but like the other universities it’s not a set up as a sight. It’s also hella far from the city’s core, so not a lot of people see it, except for non-tourism/travelling reasons. There are a few articles about each building. It was a big deal when the engineering building opened up, and the architects behind the life sciences building are quite proud of their structure.

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