365 Canadian Sights | Day 350: Audain Art Museum

| Image from Flickr/Sam Saunders via CC BY SA 2.0 |

The fact a town like Whistler has an interesting art gallery shouldn’t be a surprise.

The ski village is one of the most luxury-filled towns in Canada. The Audain Gallery is one of the bonuses of that affluence. A truly stunning building that mixes modernity with the natural setting amongst west coast forest, it’s visually interesting from many angles, inside and out.

Designed by the Patkau architecture firm, it opened in 2016, so it’s a pretty new addition. But that means it’s also very current looking, and includes themes and ideas that make sense nowadays, including plenty of wood and natural light.

That also matches the art inside, with an exclusively B.C. collection, highlighting plenty of First Nations contributions.not

As much as Whistler has a heart, this is near it? Really, while you can bus up from Vancouver, you’ll probably want a car for this site. It’d be simpler and allow for more exploration of the area (and I’m not exactly sure how the bus system works between the two places — it’s not public transit).

While you can see it for free from outside, entrance is $18, and there’s plenty more inside to see. Basically, if you’re making the trip up here, you might as well go inside, if time permits.

Even though it’s arelatively new site in Whistler, it’s fast become a popular place, accoridng to TripAdvisor, ranking fourth on things to do. The architects are also proud of it (they’ve been on this list before and I saw lots of their wrk researching this list). The local tourism site has a bit of info here, and of course, the official site has a ton of info.

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