365 Canadian Sights | Day 353: Halifax Town Clock

| Image from Flickr/Sean_Marshall via CC BY NC 2.0 |

Well over 200 years old, this is one of the oldest human-made sights on this list.

Its history stretches back Queen Victoria’s dad, who was stationed in Halifax for a short time in 1800. As a gift to the city, he commissioned this structure and the clock inside.

Finished in 1803, it’s become one of the most prominent landmarks and tourist sights in the city since, sitting at the base of the Halifax Citadel, which means you can look out over it to the city and sea below. It also sits at the end of Carmichael Street, which means you can look up through some of the city’s core to the clock.

Either way, the spotless white structure with the huge clock and bells above is part of the city’s iconography for good reason. It also helps it just finished getting restored earlier this year, after 15 months, so it should look pretty good the next time you go.

Just down the hill from the Citadel, this is a major historic landmark in Halifax. If you’re visiting the city’s core, there shouldn’t be a need to do anything than walk to it. I guess transit, cycling and driving are an option, but only if you’re coming from outside the downtown.

The views from outside are free, but getting inside isn’t allowed.

Ranked only 26 on things to do in Halifax, that’s a little unfair since it just spent months getting renovated (and therefore people rated it low). It should rise over the next year. A federal heritage building, it has its own federal profile, here. That aforementioned restoration is discussed here, if you want to know about why what was done was done. For a more complete history, there’s this.

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