365 Canadian Sights Project

Canada is a big, big country, and there’s lots to see here. Since I’ve gotten to see a bunch of it, and stay on the lookout for new places to visit, I figured I’d challenge myself to a daily blog, highlighting one photo worth sight a day for 2018.

There’s going to be a variety, with some being easily accessible buildings like the Royal Ontario Museum in downtown Toronto while others may be extremely remote, like Baffin Island’s Mt. Thor (aka as Thor Peak, officially, if that’s your thing).

Below is a map that I’ll populate with the locations, so people can see what I’ve picked from their area, or take these ideas into travel plans of their own.

Just a reminder, this is no definitive list, because there can be no such thing. These are 365 places I — a 30-something guy from B.C. who has travelled a fair amount across Canada — picked. My thought process is simple; could I, an amateur photographer, go to this place and get some great photos? The difficulty of the trek won’t be a factor.

Also, while I’ve been to a bunch of these spots, I haven’t been to all. What I do have is a curious mind and research skills, so I’ve built a database to compare and add sights.

From there it’s my top 365, in no particular order, though on certain dates I’ll try to have a theme. To be honest, as someone who grew up on an island in the ocean, you may see a west coast bias. If you’ve got some better ideas, feel free to leave a comment or contact me at treqdcontact@gmail.com.



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