About the blog

About me: I’m a white guy born in Victoria, B.C. in the mid-80s. I’ve travelled more than a bit, especially across Canada and am always left wanting to strike out on the road again.

Bias: I just wanted to address something that I always thought was important but left out of the discussion in journalism school. There is not such thing as ‘unbiased,’ but there is such a thing as fair. So yes, throughout this project, you will see my bias. I tend to be progressive in my political views and prefer the grand or the epic in my photographic views (though I’m also a fan of the unique and strange — hence my stint volunteering with Atlas Obscura). I’m from Vancouver Island and I like cities, so my bias will also skew coastal and urban.

However, as I’m aware of my biases and admit to them, I will try to not be ruled by them.

That said, you can leave comments commending or rejecting my bias, but that’s not going to change anything. If you think I missed something, just comment with that and I’ll be happy to have new information, but if you don’t like my views don’t bother yelling.

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