The map, it’s done: 365 Sights plotted

So I finally got around to it. All the posts written over the past…well, more than a year, that’s for sure; it’s all indexed in one place.

Since I finished the posts at the end of December I’ve created a google map with a short line about each sight and link to the profile. As you may be able to guess I did try to represent different parts of the country.

That said, it does show a couple biases, based on internal factors and external.

I’ve lived most of my life in B.C., the coast primarily, so yeah, Vancouver Island maybe has a few more spots than others might do. That’s just my personal bias.

The large cities and southern Canada are overrepresented as well, but for an obvious region; human-built sights were included, and places where there are more people have more odd, interesting and unique sights. That’s just math, but population density’s effect on things is sometimes ignored.

Anyways, you didn’t come for an essay on human perspective, you probably clicked for a map, and I’ll deliver:

Feel free t point out all the flaws.

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