365 Canadian Sights | Day 362: Banff Week – Abbot Pass Hut

| Image from Flickr/Andrew Kohlenberg via CC BY 2.0 |

Part of what makes Banff interesting is it’s long history as a tourist destination.

Just on the edge of Banff National Park is one of the more unusual sights in the park.

Tucked up between a pair of peaks is Abbot Pass, and a small stone hut.

The hut was built nearly 100 years ago with stones found at the sight. It’s become a destination and accommodation for generations of mountain climbers and ambitious hikers.

As such a remote outpost built from its surroundings it sometimes appears camouflaged, with just the windows and door standing out from the rocks all around.

While the view of the hut and peak behind it is the best part, in my opinion, for photos, there is a pretty good view up there of the surrounding areas on each side of the past.

I imagine the only reason this isn’t used for adventure films or a hideout in a Bond flick is because it’s too hard to get a crew up there. Otherwise it fits a cinematic setting  perfectly.

A quick note; this sight is right near the border of Alberta and B.C. Some people say it’s in Yoho, but it’s actually in Banff National Park.

About 2 hours from Banff, the parking lot is a very nice place, but not your final destination. To get the rest of the way you have to hike up steep slopes, which take 5 hours-ish. In other words, you’ll need to pack for an overnight trip.

Since camping is (essentially) a must, you gotta pay up, but I’m not sure of the current rates since there seems to be a little inconsistency since the cabin is closed for now. Best to contact an expert or person on site to find out where (and how much it costs) to sleep.

Since it’s a bit of a specialized spot it’s not on TripAdvisor, but there’s lots of other material out there. Alpine Canada, of course, and a historic profile. There’s the federal government’s official site and lots of blogs and mountaineering sites profiles on the cabin and hike.

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