365 Canadian Sights | Day 360: Banff Week – Surprise Corner

| Image from Flickr/Bill Gracey via CC BY NC ND 2.0 |

The sights in this park go beyond just iconic for the place, they’ve become symbols of luxury travel, even if you don’t know where Banff is.

For some of these photos it’s a sight where you can explore an area and get lots of different angles. Sometimes there are multiple subject matters, sometimes there are dozens of interesting perspectives.

Surprise Corner is none of those, with a single angle of a single subject, but it’s become one of the most iconic images of Banff, the Rocky Mountains in general, Candian travel and luxury travel.

The rather ostentatious Banff Springs Hotel sticks out of the forest, towering over the landscape around it, with forested mountains in the background, often snow-capped. It’s the perfect mix of glamourous accommodation and rugged location.

While it doesn’t often make the photo, the Bow River runs below, meaning it’s easy to get some separation between you and the hotel/forest.

While the hotel is worth a photo from lots of different angles, this is the top spot and shouldn’t be missed.

Located sort on a road running next to the Bow River, Surprise Corner is just that, a bend in the road that reveals a surprising sight. There is a pull out there, so it’s easy enough to stop and grab the shot.

As it’s a pull off, the only cost here is the national park fee.

Ranked 21 on things to do in Banff by TripAdvisor, that tracks. It’s not a sight that takes a lot of time, but it’s quick, free, and gives you one spectacular shot. Tourism sites also agree, with Travel Alberta, Banff and Beyond and Lonely Planet all carrying profiles.

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